Female Revolution

Blond ringlets surround her face
Swaying in the breeze as she moves with grace
Floating across the ground to where she goes
To greet the men, her acquaintances close

The part of the perfect hostess she plays
Living the day as if in a daze
As she laughs and titters to meaningless talks
Trying not to scream, staring at the clocks

Oh how she longs to leave for home
Among grassy meadows, clouds like foam
Filled with light, and life so real
With love and laughter at every meal

She dreams of times when happiness was profound
Squeals of joy, the only sound
Everyone loved, laughed and lived their lives
Without negative thoughts of sadistic trophy wives

Who cheat their way to gain a prized affair
A cold hard deal celebrated with flair
Throw love out of the equation
Nobody would ever dare question

Them who hold all power
Before whom even the bravest cower
Because strength has no place to play,
When money is what you’re trying to slay;

A crack and shout break through her thoughts
A slap echoes and her vision spots
A woman in silence, cowering in pain
And a man- like many others, a female bane

Calling upon her courage she dared to fight
The man, she struck with all her might
A strike that tipped the scale, weighed it down
Women revolted, we got the crown,

The glory, the famed light
We took it upon ourselves to improve our plight
And from that day on, we steeled our will
To stop at nothing till we had our fill

Of jobs, positions and right to truth
Gone were the days the rulers were uncouth
Today, we stay, still climbing higher
Never again shall we lose this fire.

The End

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