Feet First

About jumping in feet first.

I see her


She speaks


Just a tiny touch

A breath




You see me,

A smile

A twinkle

Glistening in your emerald eyes.

A touch


You know it's true

You want me too.


She's carved by an Angel

Moulded by the Devil!

She's a mermaid; her voice enchants me.

Her hips tempt me.

Her legs seduce me.

Eyes fluttering

Lips puckering

Is she flirting?



They pass.


I would want you to tear me apart

Than stride like that

When you don't look back.


My dreams will forget you

My heart will stop racing

I will control my thoughts

Every time I catch

Your innocent gaze.


Although they won't forgive,

That I never tried

To catch your sordid eye.

The End

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