A poem I wrote about different instances with my crush

From afar,

I see your eyes give me a light smile.

A wind rushes and takes away the unheard words before I open my mouth.

This tends to happen to me, when I am near you,

This sensation.

These waves wash over me,

And I become blank.

What is this feeling?

When I look into your eyes,

I lose all senses,

I am barely aware of the light trance I am falling into.

With strong force, I realize you are making me fall into this whirl of time,

Where I can only see your face.

I`m starting to have a nagging feeling,

This hint of doubt…

This urging sensation to do something about it…

This thought in my mind…

This inner-confession…

Is this what it feels like to be in love?

Are you the cause of this newfound emotion?

I can`t decide,

If I should invite this intense feeling,

But then, how could I ignore such a strong light?

When you say hello,

Something sparks in my mind.

I wish you could understand.

Every day,

I start to ask myself…

Should I reveal this secret?

How does he view me?

A fragile butterfly, falling off a branch?

Gliding under the moonlight?

An insecure whisper?

I just wish I could understand..

The workings of the mind, if just a bit more.

How should I know

If I am out of grasp,

Or so very close?

I see you once again,

Your short greeting,

Your light smile.

What should I do?

This hint of doubt…

This nagging feeling…

This will haunt me forever.

And yet, I feel a smile creep up to my lips.

Sometimes, I`ll feel a burst of courage…

I greet you as well…what else could I do?

I don`t fully understand this feeling.

I will keep watching you…

Maybe one day

We can both understand?

The End

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