Feeling Frankenstein

The despair crawls the length of my soul
Dragging it's nails along my bones
You've butchered my resolve with gnashing teeth
And hammered your sickness into my meat
Constant sorrow beats upon my brow
Leaving me twisted with a guttural growl
You dig your fingers into my core
Picking to pieces, inflicting sores
Wherever you lay your eyes, I bleed
Ripping my heart out before you feed
A lump of emotion without a taste
Devouring sadness leaves me to waste
Your evil intent has filled my soul
Stitching together my flesh and bone
Pleasure and pain have become one
Under your black sky, there is no sun
A glance in the mirror takes me back
Only dead eyes seem to stare back
A twisted smile disfigures my features
Why have you created this monstrous creature?

The End

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