Feel the FireMature

Combustible with lust

Masticate my tongue

Move with the rhythm of my physique

Skins collide and it makes me sway

Light my up like a bomb

I can’t wait to finally explode

Break the border

In the name of love

Tie me down

Do what you’ve been wanting to

Kiss my heart goodnight

Remove all space between us

From lust’s reputation

You can already guess what I wanna do

Taste of your skin sends chilled shiver down my spine

Twist and turn me

Pin and corner me on the soft sheets

Devour everything imperfect about me

The heating ambiance rushes my blood

My heart gets heavy and I want more and more

Chew my bottom lip while I feel the nails claw my sides

I just want to be close to you and feel your body heat

Can’t get away

I don’t want to escape

The End

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