The poem describes how lonely it feels when your partner goes away from you.

Sometimes feelings can hurt,
I know they do, I know them from one to all.
Yet wouldn't you rather have those feelings,
occasionally; than never have any feelings at all?

I know you hate me, you've hated me forever;
you've hated me since that fateful day.
The day was lost when its evening sun set,
Before which I did extend my hand to stop you from going away.

You didn't even turn back, didn't say goodbye,
I shouted though, knowing always that you'd never again come;
Your last touch was of parting fingers and a whispered kiss.
You should've waited and known, that I wasn't allowed to become anything else apart from what I have become.

I did shed tears when I was left alone in the stillness,
The night sky stars quivered when I let out a sigh.
Parting from you was bad already, and losing you was more than enough.
I wanted to die, become an angel, and fly.

I've loved you more since then,
Because I don't know what else to do with you.
It's your smile that I can't forget,
It's the feel of your april-soft lips on mine that I can't just undo.

You moved on,
taking my heartbeats away.
You secretly stole my heart even after leaving me,
I just love you, like you now don't want to know me and want me to go away.

Exactly like I loved you earlier...
All I do is feel, feel and feel you.

The End

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