Fear StrikesMature

This one is a little less than happy, but it's about domestic abuse. Enjoy?

You haunt my life, you haunt my dreams

Wherever I go, you're there it seems..

I can't escape you, or the reams

of calls and texts, we're at extremes

I hear your call, you're back from work

My conscience screams that you're a jerk

That you don't care, I see your smirk

And then you turn and go berserk

Across the room, now you smile

The pain not stopped,  it's been a while

From your fist, I'd run a mile

How did love turn so hostile?

A smack, a crunch, it's all the same

I'm now a pawn stuck in your game

The bruises tell of my true shame

And fear strikes when I hear your name.

The End

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