Fear of the Dreamers

I've lost control, it feels like the last few years of my life haven't been real, the puppeteers are playing me, yet somehow, high school has opened my eyes to what the real world is. These people in my life aren't bad, they're normal, it's strange, the more my eyes are opened, the more it feels like I'm asleep...

I’m forever in a dream

At least that’s how it seems

I’ve lost sight of what’s real and what’s not

In this world it’s too easy to get caught

Up in the sanity

Of humanity

The undignified

I’ve signified

To the world that I’m done

There’s no warmth from the sun

It’s just a star to wish upon

And for the future spawn

They’re out of hope

We’re too lost to cope

Let alone to teach to others

No sisters no brothers

We’re a wreck in ourselves, nothing to believe in

Drugs, robbery, theft, and treason

I’m too far gone

You say that it’s shone

But the lights burnt out

It’s time to shout

Someone please help

Before I let out a yelp

No one hears what I say

Any way

Just get me out of here

I’m besieged by tears

I’m forever in a dream

That’s how fear seems

The End

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