Fear Is Nothing

Just some thoughts after a long night of thinking.

Time is running out.
Will I do what I want to do,
Or will I let my opportunity run out?
Because the courage won't come to me.
The courage will just show itself out,
And replace itself with fear.
But can I kick the fear out?

Can you do what you want to do,
Or will you let your time run out?
Can you say what you want to say,
Or will you let me knock you out?
Will you have the strength to do what you said you would,
Or will you just do nothing let me take you out?

Don't pay attention to the fear.
Don't let it take hold. Accomplish the goals you set out.
Don't let it control you or guide you,
Because you have the power to show itself out.
Don't let it crawl under your skin and inside of your heart.
But if it does, just rip it out. 

The End

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