Fear is Blinding

Because even when I see your eyes I don't believe you

And when you say my name I don't hear you

When I shake from the fear you won't be able to stop it

And when the ground shakes from the explosions

You will never get to me in time

Because even when I see your eyes I can't see you

And you tell me there is nothing wrong

And we both know I don't believe you

But we'll be quiet and listen to the shouts

Because we have nowhere else to go

But I'll stay here until the morning

And then I'll leave but we won't talk about that right now

Because I know that you're scared too

And I will never get the chance to thank you

For holding me even though we both knew it did nothing

We will still shake from fear, our hearts will pound forever

But at least I'll know you were here with me

Even though when I look in your eyes I can't see you

Because fear is blinding.

The End

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