wasted days

being a teenager is just plain sh-tty

i remember when i was young, 

and being a teenager was so impressive. 

they were older and taller, 
able to have their own computers
and go to bed later. 

when i look back, 
i see these impossible
plain hope for the future. 

honestly, being a teenager sucks. 

my back hurts from my backpack
that's stuffed full of textbooks, notebooks, binders, and pencil cases, 
and it twinges during the day in small spikes of pain. 

my posture's definitely suffered - 
i bend over all day, 
and my shoulders don't go back like they used to.
all of my muscles ache. 

everything i can see 
is a late night with bright screens, 
hours of homework 
until my hand cramps with the pencil, 
and my fingers stop typing. 

i'm bored out of my mind, 
and my classes just seem to drag on. 

it feels like the days are so much longer than 24 hours, 
and i want to swing my legs out the window
and jump until i hit the ground

it's this constant race, 
and every time you hit the finish mark, 
you have to start a new marathon all over again. 

i want to scream, 
but god knows i don't have the time.

The End

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