A poem of self-realization.

I'd sell my soul for talent; for 
the ability to weave my words 
around my audience's mind,  
infecting their memories with 
haunting visions of fantasies unbridled. 

I'd sell my soul for beauty; for 
the ability to steal the breath from 
my Desire when I enter the room, for 
the attention of the masses flocking 
to my feet in adoration, for 
wars to ravage country sides in my image.

I'd sell my soul for acceptance; to 
be happy with my creations and to 
not see everyone's stunning success as my 
ultimate failure and subsequent destruction. 

I'd sell my soul for courage; to not 
wither and melt from the populace 
and cringe in solitude, lest attention be 
brought upon me and I should 
be forced to interact with humanity. 

I'd sell my soul for wealth; so I 
could provide for my family the things 
they desire most in their lives, to 
nourish their bodies and shelter them 
from the unforgiving elements. 

I'd sell my soul for Spring, for 
the eternal beauty therein and the accompanying 
crisp air and golden sunlight filtering though 
newborn leaves, sending the shadows 
dancing jade over my skin. 

I'd sell my soul for Fall, to 
never cease hearing the fresh crunch of dead leaves 
underfoot as I dash through the forest, racing 
the cold breeze towards Halloween with glee and 
longing as the golden-brown air envelops me lovingly.

I'd sell my soul for Summer, when
The fields are brimming with flies of fire,
Glowing and flashing as the scents of life and
Rejuvenation waft in and invade the senses
As we collapse in the soft grasses and sing a
Hymn to the Sun.

I'd sell my soul for Winter, for the 
Virgin powders and tiny daggers of
Ice shearing through my garments as the
Frigid air encompasses me, freezing my worries
And cooling my heated temper when I gaze
Upon the landscape of glimmering diamonds.

I'd sell my soul for Night, for
The symphony of cicadas as we recline and
Stare at the sky, the countless stars
Mirrored in your eyes as though the entire universe
Slept within you.

I'd sell my soul for Day, the
Sun sending pastel horses galloping  across the sky
As the orchestra of life begins
To build crescendo while I am greeted by
The embers of the fire that will become our Morning.

I'd sell my soul for isolation with you, for
Silence as I lay in your arms and feel
The powerful beating of your heart, My love as an infection, 
Filling every fiber of my being as hopelessly
I trace the contours of your skin.

I'd sell my soul for your smile, your
Beaming grin warming my soul as 
Your eyes light with the joy of
Eternity, your cheeks full and blushed
With laughter.

I'd sell my soul for our
Every day to be this perfect, with
Laughter and Harmony always by our side and
This burning passion leaping between our
Gazes with every glance, every smile
Stirring our hearts until we collapse beneath
The sheets and embrace as only we can, 
Melting into the moment and each other.

I'd sell my soul for our happiness, but
It seems I haven't the need. My own
Vanities aside, we have all we require to
Be content, and though I may never know
The joys of beauty, talent, or success,
I have you. And you are all I will ever need.

The End

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