Father's Day Poem

A tribute to my AWESOME dad and all the other ones out there!

The mark of a father's presence

Is more than a bill paid

Or of shaving cream essence,

Or a pipe-system made.

But is the brush of a hand

Calloused yet soft

A tear wiped away and

Comfort found oft

A favorite toy repaired

At the bargain price

Of a tight hug shared

And a kiss once or twice.

A swing through the air

In the strong grasp

Of those arms full of care

Which to love clasp

A pat on the back for

A job well done.

But still encouraging more

When that prize not won.

A listening ear and understanding heart.

For a simple world

Seemingly falling apart.

A hand to hold

When life gets rought

A story told

When tired enough.

The mark of a father's presence

Is something I often see.

Fortunate to have these presents

Proud, his daughter to be.

The End

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