Father and Daughter

I pedal swiftly along the old dyke road,

With my father cycling next to me,

In his eyes I see a sadness and fear,

Lit with a single flicker of hope.


He is leaving today across the sea,

To serve his purpose away from home,

When shall he return? I wonder within,

As we slowly draw to a halt.


He sighs a deep and heavy sigh,

Before bending to embrace me.

He then picks his way down the cliff,

Where his rowing boat waits on the shore.


He freezes as if remembering something,

And runs straight back up the hill.

Where he throws me up in his arms,

As if I were only a baby.


Then he sets me down upon the grass,

And descends sadly back down the dyke.

Where he jumps inside his little boat,

And rows silently out of sight.


I wait a while incase he changes his mind,

But nothing comes out of the sunset.

So I mournfully hop back onto my bike,

And ride swiftly away to home.














The End

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