This poem was written while I was having a creative writing class in school. Every words of it was really coming from my true heart about my father who was born, to look after me and be my guardian for many years.

He was as large as universe itself
Full with strengths, beauties and mysteries
Showed me love, trained me to fly in life
And rode to dawn alone early, this morning.
I have seen thousand heroes in many movies
But never real as him who was a cultured farmer
Always protected mom from storms and razors
Every member in family, grew up under his winds.
His legs became softer as he walked harder
But never let his soul went down on fire to frail
He was the one who taught us to breath in space
He used to say, “Never afraid to be your enemies’ lover”
The sun comes down but never his love turns off
Rivers rest at ocean but never his memorials fade in
Every of his actions will be painted within my heart
He was a guard, a protector of hearts from all little pains. 

The End

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