Fate in the Library

Prompt from another website with specific lines to include.

Sitting in the library,
Alone in my chair,
I swing my head back,
Releasing a sigh into the air.

Wait, what is that?
Above, a patch of green,
Is that moss on the ceiling?
This place needs a good clean.

I’ve been studying for hours,
Or maybe it just seems that long,
Two hours, maybe three?
Of course, I could be wrong...

I decide to wander,
Stretch my legs for a while,
I wander to a huge shelf,
And look through the book pile.

I notice some rope,
Holding up the sill,
The knot looks aged,
I suddenly get a chill.

The breeze stroked my face,
From a space near a book,
I glance through the gap,
And can’t believe my luck.

My eyes widen,
And my palms start to sweat,
It was that good-looking guy,
Whom I’d recently met.

I wonder why he’s here,
I want a better look,
So I pile up the novels,
And stand on the top book.

Peeping over the shelf,
My hands begin to curve,
I really want to talk to him,
But I don’t have the nerve.

Suddenly the books trembled,
And I was thrown to the ground,
But as I looked up,
It was his eyes I found.

“Are you alright?”
His kindly voice said,
I couldn’t find any words,
So I nodded instead.

He gave me a smile,
And extended his hand,
I returned the grin,
And let him help me stand.

“You look familiar.”
I reminded him the tale,
Of how we briefly collided,
During a half-price sale.

I had turned and said sorry,
After knocking his arm,
He had replied no worries,
With a voice full of calm.

Smiling at the memory,
He asked “Would you like a drink?”
I replied with a smirk and a nod,
And he responded with a wink.

The End

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