Personal Essay

One day I got thinking back to when I was younger and all the crazy things I used to ( and as some would say, still do) wear! I went far back into the recesses of my mind to find my fashion history.

When I was about 7 I was obsessed with the color pink. I had a pink party. I had a pink room ( with a castle drawing on the wall!). I wore almost all pink. Everything I owned seemed to be pink. My parents considered it an epidemic. My cousins cringed. And my friends adored it.

At age 10 I cut off most of my hair and began wearing the craziest color combinations I could get my hands on. I was occasionally complemented, but mostly just looked at strangely. I adored the attention, but despite it my style began to change again, this time due to theatre.

The year I turned 11 I acted in my first real production, and I feel in love with the theatrical costumes that were a thespians uniform. I started 6th grade dramatically and with a whole new wardrobe. The year progressed and my palate slowly turned black. For the first time in my life people began to ask me where I had gotten my clothes! I was estatic and I became even more dedicated to the outfits I put together.  That summer I spent my time backstage flipping through my first fashion magazines, and spent hours scouring Marshalls and Goodwill for inexpensive alternatives to the $300 outfits my favorite magazines showed. I rediscovered my love for dresses while looking for outfits for my age group that actually fit me. 

My 12th year I flaunted my findings, and found that with confidence people just assumed you looked good, even when you didn't feel like it. 

While to some clothes seem like nothing major, with me clothes have shaped a small part of me. Clothes have given me more confidence, helped me make friends, and even brightend my day. They've even given me enough confidence to write this essay while pretending that everyone adores my outfits! :)


The End

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