Written for my 7th grade English unit on poetry.
All about my developing fashions through the years and opportunities the way I dress have brought me.
(NOTE: I'm considered the 'fashionista' of my school now... but I do have a dark past involving tie-die and basketball shorts)

Let's start at the beginning,

like most stories do,

of little old me,

at the mere age of 2.

Dressed for Halloween,

I was literally buzzing,

in my little bee suit that earned me a nickname.

A year or two later a carnival party is held,

involving clowns for some unknown reason,

Suppress the memory.

Skip ahead a few years,

and try not to cringe at my penchant for pink.

Obsessed as I was

I had a pink room,



doll house,

and I even went so far as to have a pink party!

Luckily this ended a few years later,

and only recently have I been able to view pink with

anything but disgust.

My school years continued with pretty pastels,

but I yearned for the colours of bright, wild flowers.


during the 2nd grade I think,

I dropped the facade and became the brighter version of me!

I was still in the phase where I adored skirts and dresses,

but I quickly grew out of that as the years progress.

Skip ahead to 5th grade,

something dreadful has happened!

Izzy has cut off her hair and begun wearing tie-dye!

She has arrived into 5th,

shiny and new,

wearing the clothes of a boy,

and the hairstyle, too!


Oh, the horror!

With her surfer girl hair and her dreadful new clothes!

It's a shameful time in my past,

this girl that you see,

it's a time in my life I only look upon


In the next year or two

I find my true calling,

in the shape of the blue beauty

of a Marshalls sign glowing.

The store it is loaded to the brim with cheap designer brands

(if this isn't free advertising,

I'm not sure what is!)

But when I first found this beckon

off the trail I did fall.

With just one year of darkness,

I earned the nickname of goth,

though with my cheery personality I was anything but.

The next year began with sleek lines,

But quickly changed to outfits that took far more time.

For now,

I suppose,

I am pleased with my dresses.

Hopefully it won't turn into another memory of my huge fashion messes!


The End

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