My aunt, Shoshie, was an experienced special English teacher, and my inspiration. She passed away a week an a half ago, in Hol Hamoed Pesach. I wanted to say something about her, and I feel that here it's the ultimate place for this.
Thanks Laura, the assignment this week fits my wishes...

Thick arms

Hugging me tight,

Wet kiss

On my cheek,

When you turned around

I wiped it with my sleeve…


You appeared in every memory,

In every picture

Of my life.

You were always

In the background,

You were always there for us

To help one or another,

If we just asked…


Once, after you hugged and kissed,

(And I was big and didn't wipe,)

You invited me to come over,

"We have plenty of things to talk about"

I could have learn so much

From what you have already taught…

And when I left you then

I knew,

I'll come…but…


Thin arms,

Weak and shivering

I'm kissing your hand,

And holding it tight

Staring in the air

You whispered "water",

Your lips were dry…

When I left you then,

My eyes shed tears,

I knew

I've farewell.


"What a wonderful day"

You said,

Only a month later,

"Look how the skies so blue

And the birds are singing".

You held my hand,

Yours was even thinner,

But the smile on your face

Could not be greater…

That day, I left you

With a little bit

Of hope,

I'll see you later…


I promised I'd come

On Shabbat,


But still with us.

I want to see you,

Now I know,

For the last time,

Hold your hand

And say goodbye.


On Thursday

Before we arrived,

You held your breath

And passed away…


Dear aunt, 

We miss you so much,

Rest in peace,

Baruch Dayan Haemet. 





The End

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