Farewell, 2009 - LYDMature

This is how
you work it.
Let it boil;
all of it.
Births, deaths
and the cacophony
of mindless cunts
that fill these pages.

Let it all boil,
until the knuckles
are shreds
and you can barely
hold the pen.
Leave your passivity
Tell who ever is nearest
to sit the fuck down
and if they remain stood
sit them down.

It is toleration
that brings me to
the page.

It is a playground:
kids in adult's clothing;
faggots, dogmatists
and the self-confirmed.
The system supports them all;
it holds out its hands
to nothing
and thanks it thoroughly
for staying out of the way.

I've had a year
from hell
and it's about time
I did something
about it.
So, I'm starting
with YOU,
now sit

The End

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