Fantasy Realm

A poem

I take a test

behind the bars

of ridgid, lifeless, petty law.

The iron fist of


strikes me 'till I'm raw.

That's another matter, though:

my response for here and now

is simply to

travel home

within my Fantasy Realm.

In this utopic wonderland,

free thought is highly held.

Children's laughter fills the air,

and spirits lift in swells

I walk along the paths and roads

to converse with native folk

about the flowers and the bees,

and other merry talk.

My friends and I

drift through sweet dreams,

gathering them in a pillowcase

bursting at the seams

with magic thought

Soon, I judge, it's time to go,

and so quietly dissappear.

now I'm back inside my prison school:

I wish I were not here!

The End

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