My Heart Is Your's :')

-Evidently, stolen the start of the 'chorus' from Feist's wonderful '1, 2, 3, 4' :D
I hope you know who this is to, my loves.- 

One, two, three, four
Tell me that you love me more
Can you make it
So that I am really sure

"I just want to
Know what goes on in your head
So don't push me
Out and tell me lies instead"

One, two, three, four
Boys I love you more than you
Can ever know
And when I'm sober, that's still true

"Can you please stop
Drinking whiskey because I
Worry about
You, my love. Don't ask me why."

One, two, three, four
Stay with me for the rest of
My entire life
'Cause you fit me just like a glove

One, two, three, four
Guys I hope you know it's true
That really my
Heart belongs only to you.


The End

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