Fan-Fiction Poetry

Take a line from a song or a poem or a program or a movie (or anything) and create a poem from it.

-Moving this over to use it as an example-

It's Always Darkest Before The Dawn
-This is for you, you know who you are. And yes, I did steal some of the lines from Flo's 'Shake It Out' and yes, it was on purpose ♥- 

You have collected friends, don't need
To bloom your regrets from old seeds
We are all here and we will be
Still here when you think you can't see.

We're here for you so please don't keep
Feelings inside yourself so deep
If you need us we'll keep you warm
Know it's darkest before the dawn. 


See you don't have to be alone
We'll help your past become unknown
No need to drag sadness along
No need for this as your theme song

Take from yourself all of your pain
Old issues do not need to stain
Know when needed, we'll keep you warm
For it's darkest before the dawn


Maybe this song is right for you
Though I wish that it was not true -
So SHAKE IT OUT! Don't be withdrawn!
Remember it's darkest before the dawn.

The End

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