The Words on a Page

This is not a book I hold

but a portal to another land.

So many worlds in the palm of my hand

if only you dare to look.

Would you step into the Capitol

Where, each year, twenty-three are lost?

Would you help The Mockingjay

on her fight to free their world?

Or how about the Middle Earth,

Where Hobbits and Elves roam?

Would you help the Fellowship,

Or take the ring and run?

Why not go up to Scotland,

and find the magic school,

and help destroy the Dark Lord

(or don't, and join his cause)

Or stay away from magic,

But go meet Hazel Grace

Fall in love and break a heart

Sounds sad? Yet you still go.

So don’t read the words on a page

But see them and sit back

For a journey away from that chair...

lets just hope your the same when you get back.

The End

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