While other people write full on fanfic of their favourite books, I have always loved putting things into poems- because in a small amount of words, you can say an awful lot.
So in here will go a my poems from books I have read.

(Harry Potter)

Hidden away in perfect sight,

In the darkness of the night,

My snake like eyes, reach out to those,

Who, in their hearts, already know.


That second by second, time slips by

I come closer, and the curse I say,

The flash of light, they know they’ll see

The last moment of life, it will be.


My immortality will never end,

For every person that I send,

Away from earth, my soul will split

Into two, four seven bits.


Each part of my soul I hid,

In things of meaning, no one could find,

Until one day, I went so deep,

I did not feel my soul fall asleep.

One by one, they were destroyed,

The task, in hand of one small boy,

The chosen one, he was called,

When he turned the green light on Lord Voldemort.

The End

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