If I told you what
was real, and didn't
fault a fact.

You would blame my music,
the lyrics the beat or rythm,
and how you think it makes me act.

You would mlame my firiens,
their influence and what they
introduced me to.

You would blame the world,
and all the wrong in it,
for poisoning my mind.

You would blame me,
for how I react or respond,
for what I did or didn't do.

But my music is a relief,
it lets me relate and
comforts me in distressed times.

My friends hold me up,
whene np-one else could care to,
help me bear my burden.

The world affects everyone,
corrupting all the same,
a neutral setting, it's not to blame,

Me, I would understand,
I accept partial responsibility
but I did not start this,

I am the protagonist,
the central aspect of my story,
but mine is a continuation of yours.

So before you start ranting,
and lecturing about me,
the world, my friends, my music,

why not take a look in
the ever-honest looking glass
and see who truly is to blame.

You still don't believe me.
Take a logical look,
and try to be objective,

You made me,
You raised me,
You housed me,
You fed me,
You did everything,
How are you not more
influential than all else
in my life.

How can you hypocritically
blame everything but yourselves?

You forged me in the
heat of passion,

You taught me how
I should live,

You kept the rain from
my weary shoulders

You provided for
my physical neccesities.

Just look and see the truth

The End

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