Thank You

Hey Dad this ones for you
it's not my usual
but it'll do
more a verse than a poem
more a rap than a rhyme
but you'll get used to it
in time

I'm struggling in the mire again,
I thought this was over,
twisting, turning, perspiring and
I thought I had closure,
I look down I'm waist deep
there's no hope, this time I'm gone for sure,
I thought I was out, free

I must've been mesmerized
looking up to the skies
at all I could achieve
if in myself I believed,
but I'm in so deep I can't even leave,
so it's for myself I do grieve

this makes my anger grow worse,
you know you started this first,
made me write this first verse,

sent me spiralling down,
forced my face to frown,
pushed me in swampy ground,

broke my spirit, my soul,
threw me into this hole,
made me feel this ice-cold,

you say you care
don't, don't even dare,
say you were always there,
it's amazing how a six-pack
turns a home into a dragon's lair

it was always hard, unfair
but I tried, I worked, I did,
and hoped you would too
but what did you do?
you went to the pub,
 left us, troubles, at home,
drank 'til you forgot
that we were all alone

but I guess it's alright,
you stayed out all night
while the rest of us cried,

I just wanted to thank you,
for letting me die,
for messing me up inside,
for drowning me in this mire.

The End

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