To understand him,
Is trying to measure the

Confronting Life

I turn my heart to stone
so pain I can postpone,

I shut off all emotion
to stop life's erosion,

I stop the tears I cry
my cheeks must stay dry,

I put on a smile, my mask,
is not having to do this too much to ask?

I look my father in the eye
and the first tear rolls, I cry,

we both stand, sad
but I did nothing bad,

he did it, it was him,
he made it dark and grim,

he's the one to blame
but we both feel a shame,

they're words we both dread
and know they have to be said

and when we've said our share
all's done, all's fair,

turning my back, I walk out the door,
everything's changed forevermore.

I don't have to say this
but it's him I'm gonna miss.

The End

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