family tradition.

you always seemed innocent enough.
cherub face, sweet eyes,
lanky body, equipped with lies.

how was i so blind?

i was just a shiny new toy to you, wasn't i?
i was something you had never seen before, wasn't i?
i was a mystery, a riddle, a vast territory never explored by your kind,
wasn't i.

original, outspoken, confident,
i was different,
and i thought you were something different,

but you?
you'll never change.
you were cast into a role you were never fit to play.

you strive for something different.
something unique.
something unknown.
you strive to break the monotonous cycle that is your LIFE.

and yet,
you lack the tools required.

you lack what is necessary,
to shed your skin and start a life,

because sometimes, what you need,
is different from what everyone else wants from you.

the only person who knows you well enough to make those decisions for you,
is you.

you will constantly be shoved around by those who are,
"smarter" than you,
"wiser" than you,
"more experienced" than you,
"better" than you.

and you succumb to it,
because you let yourself crumble under the pressure.

i see it in your eyes.
the fear of becoming,
someone forgettable,
someone worthless,
someone who will never find the happiness they seek.

but there's something stronger in your eyes,
in your soul.
the fuel is there,
but you lack the match to start the flame that will ignite your passion to seek a better life,
the life that you strive for.

i think it's a tragedy,
how you will live life in the "perfect" universe your parents have provided for you.
this universe of yours will contain those who your parents have deemed "worthy".
how you will never accomplish what you have dreamed,
because what you have dreamed, may not be what others consider "best for you".

please tell me, one day, how this existence is working out for you.
because even though i've told you time and time again,
that i know what you are going through,
you refuse the help.

you have been brainwashed and manipulated into believing things that will contain you forever.

you're digging your own grave.
you'll live this tortured existence out until the day you die.
this isn't what you want,
and this isn't what i want for you.

i don't care what anyone says about this poem.
because this isn't for just anyone.
this is for you.
you'll never read it, but if fate allows,
maybe you'll catch wind of it,
and you'll understand that what i say to you,
i say from the bottom of my heart.

you always said you felt trapped, and you wanted to be set free.
you just slammed yourself back into your cage.
you CAVED.

and now? YOU have to fix it.
i wish i could help you,
but i can't anymore.

do you understand?
it hurts ME too much to see YOU so willingly give up everything to make your life right now, a little easier.

"no one said it was going to be easy,
they just promised it would be worthwhile."

you know who you are,
and you know what to do.

so do it.

The End

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