Dry eyes in pouring rain
Vision, slipping past, refusing to intake this scene
They’ve learnt to ignore the sights parading the streets.
Slide into my life,
Declaration of all that is wrong
A desolate shriek in a crowd of the expectant 
Slam, and we hit the floor.
Laughter in my Heart,
Embodiment of your terrors,
Yet we hold unbearable joy.
When the only thing dancing on my consciousness is hatred,
We’ll steal what is so dear to them.
9 to the left, and 10 to the right,
Stand alone, death skips down your path,
Unhinge the gate,
All to slip upon this ice.
Honesty’s wind will slice their bones,
Their mouths spewing the taste of our dust.
All that exists in my mind, in this moment they pass
All that exists are tears of Love

The End

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