False Promise

"In my dream we kissed,"

You boast so happily,

"The image is so clear,

I'm glad I can remember so vividly,"

"A dream is a dream,

Sometimes a picture is taken--

To savour what will never happen again,"

"Aren't you happy too?"

"Are you oblivious to the extent that you hurt me?

It's painful to even think your name...

I'm sorry."

"For what?"

"For loving you!

I hate it!

You have your fun,

Make a false promise..."

"...What false promise?"

You sound shocked at the accusation,

"You promised we would be together;

Then gave me another reason to hate you,

Which, stupidly, I can't force myself to do...

So I'll break my own heart all over again,

Because I can't bring myself to blame you!"

Then you have nothing more to say,

And I'm left;

To pick up the pieces of broken glass--

That shield the photograph you cherish so well.

Your love cuts deep.

The End

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