False Love

When you say I love you, I feel in my heart its true.
When you touch me softly my whole world is just you.
He say’s I am the one in which he has been waiting.
The one who makes his life complete, which leave me debating.
When you don’t come home at nights, Is your passion fading?
You call to tell me you care, my love for you is still true.
Is this really fare?
All I want is someone by my side.
Not a passion that always wants to hide.
One day he writes me by the wire,
My heart burning like its on fire.
He tells me his feelings changed, like the weather when it rains.
I try to plead but nothing works.
His feelings are dead, and that’s what hurts.
What once was love, now is hate.
This false relationship was not my fate.
I thought you were charming.
I thought you were sweet.
I didn’t realize I was just the meat.

The End

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