Falling Tears

Falling tears always have a meaning.



The lifeless smile that falls

Every moment you walk past me,

Seems normal now.


Laying around everyday,

Wondering Nothing,

Seems too persistent.


The warmth you gave,

When I needed you,

Was only a fairytale.



The tears carry onto fall,

Every drop has a meaning.

“I miss you”

It seems to say.

The meaning doesn’t leave my thoughts,

It only embraces tightly around them.



Lonely, lost, hurt,

These feelings already seem,

A part of my life.


I forget what everyone tells me,

I only believe what the painful words,

you told me, were the truth.


Trying to forget,

The comfort you gave me,

Already seems forgettable.



The tears carry onto roll,

Every drop has a fact.

“I love you”

It says to you.

The meaning doesn’t ever leave my thoughts,

It embraces tightly around them.

The End

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