fAlling... (in love with him)


one touch... one glance.. and I’m his... I am entranced in a dream, floating on a cloud of euphoria. 
Heart pounding, breath trapped in my lungs.. I'm drowning in my lust.. He smiles and I melt, he laughs and I want to cry.. 
his voice speaks to my soul.. and then he lingers, waiting for me to move.. but I can't. I am frozen with fear. 
He watches me.. whispers in my ear all the things I want to hear.. need to hear.. and I try to pull away..
try to resist the fire burning inside of me. and I look away.. he touches me, tracing the lines of my face with the back of his hand. 
I can't look at him.. I can't let myself fall because I may never get back up.. I tell him I'm scared.. but he says not to worry he'll catch me
.. and then I fall.. let myself go.. give myself up.. and I'm falling... I close my eyes and I'm falling.. faster and faster I'm losing control.. 
and just before I crash.. he catches me.. and I fall no more...

~tatum (Belle)

The End

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