This sums up all of my feelings lately. I would really like feedback on the feeling of it, how it comes across, what you think of it, and is it any good? Thank you so much in advance.

His scent is strong as summer rain
His kisses sweet like fragrant flowers
His voice is smooth to ease away my pain
His arms are strong to catch me as I fall
Little does he know of how far I've fallen
He's all I see, he's all I hear
With him I have no fear
He is my world, he has my heart
I am his and he is mine
Forever I could stay like this
Fallen for a prince
Letting him steal just one more kiss
He is my everything, my rock, my love, my joy
But am I his?
My heart stops to question all the things that could go wrong
I realize I am afraid to fall
Afraid to give him my all
For if I truly fall what if he doesn't catch me?
For if I give him all of me and he chooses to leave
What if there's nothing left of me?
A broken heart, a shattered hull, that is not who I want to be
That is why my heart tries so hard not to fall
But resisting is futile
I cannot win that struggle
So I watch myself fall further and hope it's not in vain
If he loves me he'll catch me and I'll know my heart is safe

The End

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