Return to Heaven: Confessions of the Heart

Could this be real?

I have him back but i still feel the pain.

Is he that ashamed of me?

He says he's not but he can't stand me.

Does he hate me that much?

One moment he says he loves me the next he barely notices me.

I love him but I'm afraid it's the old him I love.

I'm afriad I'm in love with a memory.

I still feel the pain in my heart.

I look into his eyes and see....emptiness.

No love. No care.

Does he see the girl he use to love anymore?

Did he ever?

I look for the softness in his smile, the love in his eyes.


What happened to the man who loved me?

What happened to the man who wanted to be with me?

What happened?


I fear he's no longer there, that there's no room for me anymore.

~Forever a Fallen Angel~

The End

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