Fallen Angel

Sometimes, just sometimes, you can't change a person. It doesn't matter how hard you try

You fell from the skies, created from dust,
A creature consumed by darkness and lust,
Your came without much ceremony,
The shadows had engulfed you completely,

You came from among the angels,
Yet the truth was imbibed in your eyes,
You weren't one of them and would never be,
For your soul was dark yet free,

I sheltered you from all the mortal  pain,
But could not from what was within,
You consumed yourself so entirely,
That I felt the aching hollowness perfectly,

You were banished for a reason,
Your treachery you could not contain,
The blood that ran through your every vein,
Was with your mind, poisoned,

And years after you left my company,
I feel the guilt still ebbing from me,
Though I knew you were too lost to heal
I wish I could save you, my fallen angel.


The End

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