Fallen Angel

Fairly self-explanatory, really...

You call me angel, but I fell from Grace long ago;
The Fall was sweet--the landing, less so.
The ground was brutal, hard and cold,
And the boy who pulled me from the clouds...
Not worth it, truth be told.

I used to sing hallelujahs, my heart in my voice.
I was a lamb of God--my choice.
I knew my way through the pearly gates,
Up streets of gold, past crystal seas,
I was free of jealousies, arrogance, hates.

Once there was a room for me, in my Father's house.
I sat for hours there, quiet, solemn, a holy little mouse.
But I was beautiful, and all I said was true;
I was honest, gentle, kind, loving, compassionate,
That was all I knew.

But then, Terra Firma--good solid ground.
Since falling, I've learned my way around.
I can make you scream, or make you cry.
I know the science of twisting my words,
Until truth hurts more than a lie.

And once upon a time my soul was clean;
So bright and clear, a mirrored sheen.
But now it's brittle, dark, like tinted glass,
The edges like razors,
Careful how you pass.

Know that I spill your blood to live,
I'll always take just more than you can give.
Fallen angels are merely demons in disguise,
And if you look you'll see your own Fall,
Reflected in my eyes.

I know you for just what you are;
You shine as I once did, a little star,
And even as I taste your blood and drink your tears,
You're falling now--
You'll fall for years.

And when you land, and it's all done,
Battle ended, my victory won.
And you're lying, helpless, at my feet,
Or kneeling, nerves sizzling,
Every cell replete.

I'll hold you, tighter than I should;
My soul yearning for all in you that's good.
And every tear you've cried, I'll keep,
And I will write a lullabye,
And rock you into sleep.

And when your eyes are closed, I'll close mine too,
And I'll sing a hallelujah, to thank my God for you.
And maybe far from now, when all this life is past,
I'll find my way back to those pearly gates,
And realise that I've come home at last.

But here with you, I *have* come home at last.

The End

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