Inspired by John's Legend's Tonight (Best You've Ever Had)

I will never forget...

Your hands and heat around my face.

A gentle, lingering touch of the lips

a partial hesitation between each delicate and sensual breaths

Intensity with a slight cerulean vibration,

energy connected and eyes barely shut.

Charged with a slight shock of electricity,

but laced with amnesia to forget one's caused pain.

Because tonight, is that night.

The night I lost control and let go,

but was swallowed up, in your clouds of lust and harmonies.

Devoured by your appetite for my caramel sweets, 

Indulged by weakness for my belongings.

Tonight's, the night that you hit me with your best throw

Back and forth with a rhythm ,our body talks.

Anticipation, resting on the fingertips,

Tonight, I could never, ever forget.

I became engraved in your heartbeat,

I defined pleasure with a mist of pain,

A touch that could never be forgotten

Forever be my one and only inamorato

The night I would remain yours forever...

The night, that I fallen.

The End

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