Fall To Pieces

A poem I wrote in five minutes during school after listening to "Fall To Pieces" by Avril Lavigne - hence, the title.
Forgive me if it lacks actual poetic structure or anything - I was just...rambling, sort of. :D

Biting words you gave

Then turned away

Left me standing there

In the rain.


Feeling hopeless

Tears fell

Heart breaking

Living this hell.


You'd been my every thing

Yet you hadn't seen

How much you had

Meant to me.


But here I am today

Pushing a fight

Hoping this chance

Would spark to life.


But only a fool dreams

Of what they've lost

I have to move on

Past the dark.


Your memories hold me back

I want to be free

So let's love again

Come rescue me.


Desires invade

My sense of life

Making me question things

Every time.


I want to smile again

To laugh and love

But it feels impossible

With you still in my heart.


Falling to pieces,

I am shattered

Can't stop loving you

In this life...

The End

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