Self Conclusion

The Box.

The person you were, That look in your eye
That beat in your heart, Thought I'd never cry
So I handed you that box, filled to the brim
The pieces of me, everything I was, pushed up on the lid
You kept it safe, promised it all
With a sharp push you watched me fall.
As the ground dissappeared from beneath
I reached, and I grasped for the box at your feet.
A loud crash was heard as I quickly fell
My heart, and the box smashed, the first broken spell.
From the bottom I watched myself fall apart
The box mangled me, who I'd been at the start.
Your feet kicked away shattered pieces of me
There was not one piece that you wanted to see.
You stepped away, and said "I'm sorry"
I'm lifeless at the bottom, End of story.

The End

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