Fall into a Dream.

Fall into a Dream.

I sit here in this lonely dead end room.
I promise not to think, but to write.
To write and watch the words flow from this pencil that has written so much before, as it scratches this paper apart.
I dont know if ill ever stop.
Maybe ill reach the point to where the great ball of fire wakes up from the dead and the stars kiss the night sky goodbye until tomorrow..

However long it may be, i will be true.
I cannot not tell a lie when the words come from so much more than me.
I have no control.
What will i find from these words and what will come of this,
for my heart is the poet, and i am but the messenger delivering my everything.
Its your choice whether or not to take it or leave me for dead.

The soil doesnt know me like that of the tree, who gives me the glance of inspiration.
Feel me in your roots, feel me sliding my way up your bark to where the green blows in the direction of time.
Will you come with me if i leave here.
If i look for worlds unseen.

Maybe through the vast open sea to where everyone knows exactly what they want.
And ill ask each and every single one of them.
Record their every response.
Etch it in my mind to one day carve into the sand among the shore.
We can choose our favorite lie and sing about it on the boatride back.
With nothing but the clear breeze and the sound of the waves rowing us along.

If we fall in the ocean, we can swim deep below the surface and the sand.
Tell me what you see and share with me the treasure, for whatever is there is worth every inch of my breath.
We will defy gravity to make our way back to fresh cold air and show off our many treasures through words.

But if you wish to stay behind, it wont stop me from parting. Ill just have to sing a song alone.
Ill take a picture worth a thousand words and write a thousand words about you.

Help me realize why the sun refuses to budge and why i refuse to blink when youre near.
They say that love hurts, then why does it feel so good to me, why does it feel so good to speak the words I long to say.

Looking back on the memories and the lead that pierced the silence, i wonder how my once twisted mind became so untangled, showing me to myself, for all to see.
Tell me how i feel, how my eyes show more than my tongue and how closing my eyes doesnt close you out.
You can see right through the blinds over my wandering pupils.

Even if i fall to sleep, you can see...you can see me in my dreams where i am nowhere for a lifetime.

The End

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