Fall for me

Although love may seem lost, gone forever or dead, there is always a way to fall back in and find the light again.

Down, down ,down.

I'm now falling deeply down into you,

the oppositional move from your side.

I fall deep and alone to nothing.


Dark, dark, dark.

The darkness reflects all of the old light.

A simulation of what was once good.

I distorted all of those lost days.


Dead, dead, dead.

There are rotten memories dying here;

too late to attempt resuscitation,

Love takes no form of home inside here.


Mistaken, mistaken, mistaken.

Do I see some colour in that corpse' cheek?

It's eyes flickered and of that I am sure.

Was that a breath I saw from it's lips?


Bright, bright, bright.

This hallow hall's old darkness lifts from sight,

it's replaced by something  familiar.

So sweet from what I once knew of it.


Light, light, light.

This is no place for darkness anymore.

What was that thunderous noise from above me?

Something has fallen to this new place.


Look, look, look.

I observe the heaven that was once hell.

I must have missed the divine being's call,

There you are, I never thought you would fall.

I find this beauty all too hard to believe.

After all the poison you wish again to fall for me.

The End

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