Through the voice of others, the world tells her story.

How can I believe in something unseen 

Something all these people say will make me clean

I'm sick of all these people saying it will be well 

Saying that if I don't change I'm going to hell

Well if thats the case than throw me into that fiery furnace lock the door and throw away the key 

I'm going to live this life under my own authority

Until I see something worth living for I'm gonna do me like I did before

The loud clamor of voices in my head

Being this high oh how I should be dead

But what keeps me mortal what keeps me alive.

It damn sure ain't this drug but man I love this high

I hear people who say you can do so much 

But they will never understand how great is this rush

So if you say i can really do more than this 

Than why were you never there when i was cutting my wrists

The End

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