I wrote this both hopeless and wondering

By: Jason France

I have no time I have no taste for this is the time that I am without haste
I have no sight I have no sound for what is coming from all around
I have no regret I have no truth for this is my right to have time to soothe
For this is the time and this is the sight for I will not come home tonight
I am Beautiful and I am proud for this is the writings that I write out loud
You are the nothing you are the death as I look at you I can breathe the final Breath
If I ask for my life you can grab it from me for this is the person that I have solely come to be
For I am the night and I am the day and you are the nightmare that has chosen to stay
I am the time and you are the reason for now I have everything to surrender as you come into season
Take my sight and take my knees as I fall to the ground I ask you not too, please
I am Faithless as I lay here in my bed you are the demon that remains in my head
I am the god that has been summoned by you and I scream when deceived for nothing I should do
Tie me down and gut me slowly so I can see the pain wash down my torture as the heavens begin to rain
For I am Faithless and you are the ride I slowly drift for this place from your pure black pride
You are the pain you are the fear as I wake from my body you tell me that we are out of here
As I fight you grab my arm I struggle to hold onto my life as you pull me to cause harm
For I am Faithless and you are the night and I begin to fade as you start to win the fight
I am the beauty you are the blessed as my body is found looking like I have been put to rest
I screamed your name as you look at me with a grin you laugh as you tell me that I am a sin
I look at you and wonder what I did to be like this you laugh harder and tell me that I am bliss
For now I understand and you strike me down I begin to sleep and you drag me further to the ground
I slip from the light and begin to feel heat I close my eyes for now I know defeat
As the flames burn my already bruised skin I look up to see the light fading and I know that I am a sin
I am the light and you are the darkness from which I reveal I am faithless as you make me sign the deal
I am the world of hated and demise and you are the demon to tell me that I am the prize
For this time I cannot fall for I am falling already and there is nothing to save me and all
I lost my sight and my tongue to speak the words of safety and now I know I am done
I am faithless to the world and the world is my shell for now that I am dead they welcome me to hell
The type of life I hold is not what I thought I would have done for now I am on the wood as I burn in the sun
I hold my hand to the sky and ask for help but no one comes to my aide for my entire life I never once prayed
Asking for help and receiving none in return I slowly look down as now my insides begin to burn
Screaming in pain I plead for release from this place so when I look up I see the shining face
He is smiling and telling me to relax he is here to help but as my eyes begin to burn all I could do was yelp
He tells me it will be better as he holds his hand out for me for when he touches my face I begin to see
He touches my lips upon my face and I feel the blood in my mouth for now I can taste
He touches my head and moves to my ear I can now listen to the screams I can now hear
He tells me to stand as I replied back I can't I'm too weak he hands me a crutch to which is his body that I seek
I asked him what's his name and he tells me the almighty one and he is here to save me I let go of him and tell him how I see
I looked him in the eyes he looks back at me and said it was not my time as he pushes me back toward hell I lose my senses all over again as I slowly fell
That is the faithless that is the stride for now I know that god has forsaken me for he has too much pride
That is the belief of so many people in this world of lies and hate but when the Day of Judgment happens they will all know their fate
For they will see the truth and know the lie for when they are falling into hell they cannot say that they tried
I am Faithless and I am true for one day sooner than you think, this poem will be about you
And when you see that what is written is light you will ask me how I knew that you would lose the fight
And I will laugh and say only the gods shall know for when you kneel you look down looking at where you really want to go
The End

The End

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