I had a dream, and it felt important, and then as I was napping, I reworked it and it just felt like I needed to hash it out in a poem. I'm not convinced that it works, if I am honest. But I had a go!


We walked in the market place among the cloth, among the meat

 The people looked on and they saw that I was a whore,

And you had changed beneath your leash

To a hound I didn't recognize

But I loved you no matter the beast

Because you kept to heel as I walked by

We were purposeful, yes we were proud

We had a kinship that kept the market people out.


At the inn, we ate and drank by the hearth,

I took down my hair as you fell asleep

A wolf now with a coat so silver and dark,

Lain at my feet, we had all we needed

And I remember the night sky through the window pane

A million miles away from the busy marketplace.


I awoke, while I had slept you had fled,

I cast my tears and my hair tangled round my head

So everybody in the market had a tale to tell

Of how I'd easily I had lost you, how foolishly I fell.


I went to the forest where the trees stand still and quiet

I sat amongst the soil and I longed for my hound

Until  found the secret note with magic folded in it

Hidden in the soft and rain soaked ground

So I set to the wheel and spun in gold and red

A cloth so fine and intricate my pale fingers bled.

That very night my wolf came back to me

Wet with rain and thunder and dark misdeeds

Roaring and far outgrown the leash

With my new cloth I dried his fur

And we lived together in the forest forevermore.








The End

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