In the Palace of the Beast

Countless rooms and hallways that have lain unlit for years

Become misty, indistinct, through regretful, sorrowing tears

He comes when I am eating, and the food becomes as dust

Under his beastial odours, his rank, animal must.


But he is ever gentle, his rage he does suppress

And slowly, very slowly, I begin to fear him less

His growling snarls form patient words, he never overstays

Only watches me, and guides me, through his palace maze


But this place is not my home, nor the Beast my kin

It is a trap, a prison, that I have wandered in.

I weep still for my own dear home and for my father dear

Who plucked for me that perfect rose when he was lost  here


The Beast he pities me at last and says he understands,

Places an old looking-glass in my beseeching hands

Through the magic mirror, I see my father's ill

So my dear, kind Beast frees me from his will


Once more I'm home, my father I hold tight

Drag him back from the brink of endless night

But something is missing, the gentle, loving touch

Of a Beast, can I really miss him so very much?


In the mirror I see him lying cold and dead

The grass is pillow for his great, ugly head

But it's not his ugliness now that I see

I see him as the one who must belong to only me


My heart I feel is breaking, I am full of pain

If only I could see him, hear him, once again

My tears fall on softest fur, I ache for my lost Beast

My everything now, not my last, not my least.


Now we run through the palace, where all the lights shine bright

We have almost forgotten the sadness of that night

From the spell I freed him, and at our wedding feast

I kissed my love, no more a Beast.








The End

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