Goldi Rocks

Lemme tell you about a little girl

long blonde hair that's full of curls

now, she's takin' a long,long walk

I'm talkin about Goldilocks

Talkin about Goldilocks

talkin about a girl that rocks

ain't nothing this girl won't dare

ain't no girl near as fair

she came to a house inside of a hill

and climbed in through a window sill

and atop the kitchen table

three bowls with a porridge label


she tried one, and said "too hot"

tried one more,  singin' "too hot...NOT"

out of the third she took a bite

and howled to the moon, "Yeah, just right!"


Upstairs she found the perfect bed

to lay that goldi-lockned head

upon the bed her intials carved

and the date when three bears had starved


The End

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