Red Riding Hood Rap


I went a-walking in the woods one day

With my little wicker basket and a bright nosegay,

For my granny was in bed with flu and feeling down

So I promised that I'd visit on the way to town.


I dawdled and I loitered on the path, Ah me!

While I listened to elf-music on my MP3,

When I all of a sudden heard a dark brown tone

Saying ''Hey, little lady, are you all alone?''


''Now where are you a-going on this sunny morn

Would you like to spend some time with me? My name is Sean.''

And he put out a hairy paw and he bowed real low,

Raised my hand to his muzzle, and he kissed


Well, folks, I was smitten by the Wolf named Sean;

A more gorgeous male I'd never met since I was born.

So I blew out my granny for the Big Bad Guy

And if you ever met him you would know just why.


For he's strong and he's charming and his eyes are big

He knows how to treat a lady and can dance a jig.

He sings like Pavarotti and cooks Cordon Bleu

So I'll never give him up for nobody, no sir!

The End

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