Fair Maiden of Mooncrest Hill

Will she ever escape?

Upon the great hill there be a tower,
Where a fair lady sits,exquisite as a flower.
White pearls glimmer at her throat,
Like the silver moon upon the moat.
She has been waiting there her whole life,
Hoping for a brave soul to free her of worry and strife.
Who put her there I cannot say,whether it be man or beast,
One day she may be released.
A stallion and rider appear on the horizon as if by magic,
Her heart sank,it was tragic,
The horse and rider had gone!
Would she be rescued by anyone?
Alas!There was a shout,
And she put her fair head out,
"Dear Sir!" she cried,
"If you had not come,I fear I would have died!".
There he stood,
A figure of flesh and bone,not iron nor wood.
Cloaked heavily in silk and sable,
Yet he was quite able,
To climb the tall tower,
Where the fair lady sits,exquiste as a flower.
He took he down from that awful tower,
Where darkness and evil seek to devour,
The merry life of a fair lady,
It would drive you crazy,
To know of her hurt and sorrow,
Knowing there is no tomorrow,
Unless a handsome prince whisks her away,
Could she live to see another day.
"My fair lady" whispered the knight,"There is none as lovely as thee".
"Why thank you good sir,do you wish to marry me?"
"Yes my beautiful lady,ride with me to Camelot,or we might as well rot".
They rode away,
For a year and a day.
And they arrived at Camelot.
 "My name be Lancelot" the good knight said.
"And I be Elain,of Mooncrest Hill"she replied "When do we be wed?"
"All in good time my lady,all in good time"
"Your heart be as bitter as lime!" she cried,
And stabbed him through the heart he died.
"Why?" she sobbed "Take away this curse!Oh!My poor love!"
"Never!" boomed the voice above.
And in the sky, a perfect white dove.

The End

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